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The descendants of Jens Bjørnsen, who owned the farm Hovland in Lunner in Norway from 1726 to 1738. Descendants in the agnate line have used the surnames Antonsen, Berg, Bjerke, Bjerkek, Gilbertson, Gulbrandson, Herstuen, Johansen, Johnson, Moe, Molstad, Nauring, Sandvold, Stenberg, Sjøvold.


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2 Responses to “The Bjerke Family”

  1. Renee Bjerke Rolfes says:

    I found your website very interesting as our family was trying to compile info on our family history. My Grandparents are Olaus and Hannah Bjerke, my dad was the youngest of their children.

  2. Dale Bjerke says:

    My great grandparents are Olaus and Hannah Bjerke. My grandfather was their oldest son Adolph Bjerke. I continue to do research on our family as well.

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