Manitowoc-skogen A Biographical and Genealogical Directory of the Residents of Norwegian Birth and Descent in Manitowoc and Kewaunee Counties in Wisconsin from the First Settlement to 1900

by Robert A. Bjerke

Download: Manitowoc-skogen PDF (6 MB)

Organization of the Book

The order of the biographical articles is alphabetical following this pattern: first, by the first letter of the given name; second, by the surname (usually the patronymic); and third, by the entire given name. Similar names are alphabetized together; for example, Anders, Andreas, Endre, and Andrew, are all alphabetized as Anders. Each article includes as many of the following sections (in this order) as are available or applicable:

1. The name of the individual, usually in the standard Norwegian three part form given name, patronymic, farm name although the farm name appears only if there is evidence that it was used in the United States. Any alternative name that commonly occurs appears in parentheses; this will usually be an Americanization which is different from the Norwegian form in an unpredictable way.

2. The names of the individual’s parents.

3. Cross references to brothers and sisters if they have their own articles and the parents do not.

4. Date and place of birth and of death.

5. Biographical information of various sorts regarding occupation, residence, date of immigration, Civil War service, etc. Dates of residence refer to earliest and latest appearance in records (usually the census), and rarely signify that the individual came to the location in the first year and left in the second. Information is provided which will help ascertain when the individual came to Manitowoc County. Civil War service is mentioned because of the wealth of personal and genealogical information which is often to be found in service and pension files.

6. Date and place of marriage, with the spouse’s name and the same information on the spouse as enumerated in nos. 1 to 5 above; this for each marriage.

7. Children with birth date, as well as death and marriage information for children who don’t have their own articles.

8. References to published accounts and photographs.


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  1. Michael Nelson says:

    Thank you very much for this website. I am interested in studying my ancestors from Gjerpen and Valders, who settled in Manitowoc, Kewaunee, and Brown Counties of Wisconsin.

  2. Glen Olson says:

    Hei – I am the current secretary of the Valdres Samband and this is a very nice website! Thank you for doing it. If you need to reach us, you may do so through email or our website: tusen takk – glen

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